My Beliefs   (when working with Execs & Entrepreneurs)

I believe that great products and the teams that create them are at the core of a great company.  Everything else should be in service to that core.  


I focus on coaching teams more than individuals. The team is paramount, and so I always insist on team first behaviour.  When faced with issues I look initially at the team, not the problem.  At the core of this is using data science and also my experience to  identify opportunities and tensions among teammates and figuring out how to enhance individual and team performance.  


I push leaders to lead, especially when things are bleak.  I sort out the biggest problems, the elephants in the room, and bring them front and centre, ensuring they get looked at first.  I prize decisiveness; as strong leaders recognise when the time for debate is over and make a decision.  I seek people to drive towards management excellence, and always reinforce the importance of simple practices that add up to a strong operation.   


I believe that any good relationship is built on trust.   And I prioritise building trust and loyalty with the people I work with.    I also firmly believe in diversity -- especially in character and mindset -- so that everyone can be completely themselves in the workplace.  I bring that mindset to the teams and workplaces I join.


I think that managers who put their people first and run a strong operation are held as leaders by their employees: these managers don’t assume leadership they earn it: 'Your title makes your a manager, your people make you a leader.'

I appreciate the ‘aberrant genius’, the strong performer whose behaviour can stray outside the norm. I also advocate moving people on quickly if their attitude endangers the team or company culture. I understand that sometimes managers need to let people go, but they should also allow them to leave with their dignity intact.


I focus completely on your objectives, am relentlessly candid and often believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

My Approach   (uses the 4 A's to help people Go Faster)

1. Attitude – Mindset, Beliefs & Behaviors

As culture eats strategy for breakfast, attitude is the foundation for everything.  Without getting that right, no person, plan or team will ever be the best or fastest.  I work with a positive, can-do, engaged, and energized approach to everything I do.

2. Awareness – Advanced Analytics & Tools

In data we trust.  Intuition is great but it can always be improved with real, hard data. I think everyone should use world-leading diagnostics and other tools to help them and their team understand how to perform at their highest level.

3. Activation – Strategy & Team-building

Nobody is perfect… not you, not me, nobody. I like to strategize and operationalize through customized, challenging experiences and proven, pragmatic approaches.  I use structured play, not pretty PowerPoint, at the core of team-building activities so they can be memorable, actionable and realistic.

4. Acceleration – Turbo, Transform & Triage

Life is tough at times. And tough times need tried and trusted techniques to get to results fast and with minimal risk.  I help you to go faster with specialist expertise, from myself and my private contacts, in how to organize and operationalize quickly and tackle the biggest challenges you face. 

My Interests

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My Experience   (Selected Highlights)

My Mindset